The History Of The HCG Diet

The HCG diet is one of the most popular diet plans for anyone to use. This plan involves working with a series of useful homeopathic HCG drops and a healthy low calorie diet to make it easy for anyone to lose weight. This is a useful solution that has been developed over years.

The history behind the HCG diet plan is one of the most interesting points about it. The history shows how the diet has improved over the years and made it easier for people to manage their bodies as well as possible.

Dr. SimeonsThe history of the HCG diet started in the 1950s. Dr. ATW Simeons studied HCG as a material that was used to improve testosterone levels in the body. It was originally found that larger amounts of HCG could be used to manage fertility concerns in women.

This was found as a substance that contains more than two hundred different amino acids. These are found in the placenta in a pregnant woman and are even found through a pregnant woman’s urine. It was found originally to improve testosterone levels in a man’s body.

Simeons tested HCG in the 1950s as a means of reviewing how it could be used with boys who suffer from low testosterone levels. It was found in Simeons’ studies that the boys that were treated with HCG were able to lose excess amounts of body fat over a period of time.

This came from how the hypothalamus was not working well. This is an interesting point because this part of the brain works to control the body’s appetite and manages how fats are controlled. HCG was found to work well with different kinds of controls. It makes for an impressive thing that anyone can manage when it comes to improving the ways how the body is kept under control.

Simeons then started to test the HCG program out with a number of foods. This was to see how well a person’s diet could be adjusted with regards to keeping the body healthy and getting excess weight to be burned off as well as possible.

The History Of The HCG DietThe studies that Simeons had helped him to get a book prepared in the 1960s. However, the procedure never got FDA approval.

The program was revived in the 2000s by fitness expert Kevin Trudeau. This helped to turn more people onto the HCG diet. This part of the history of the HCG diet is interesting because it suggests how things are managed well. When it was first introduced it was only available in injection form but over the past few years it has been developed into a safer homeopathic oral formula.

Today HCG has become more popular than ever before. People can find a variety of HCG products through many online retailers. It may also be easy to get HCG drops from spots like weight loss clinics or online.

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