Important HCG Diet Tips

There are several types of HCG diet plans available. All of these are effective enough as they will help in weight loss. What is more important is that the person needs to be comfortable in using them. It is best to consult a doctor who can advise on a person’s well being before starting this diet plan. Also, the various HCG diet tips should also be kept in mind in order to get the maximum benefit out of the HCG diet plan.

HCG Diet Tips

  • Psyllium seeds or psyllium husks can be included in the diet. This is because they are a pure form of fiber. Besides, these contain no calories and hence will not lead to weight gain in any way.
  • Herbal tea is very mild. This can be included in the diet in case of any problem of constipation while taking the HCG diet.
  • 8 glasses of plain water are to be consumed each day. For every additional 25 lbs of excess weight, another glass of water is to be added. This is required in order to achieve the optimal benefit. Also, there is noImportant HCG Diet Tips need to wait for feeling thirsty in order to have water. This will lead to an insufficient consumption of water. Thirst feelings come only after the body is already depleted of fluids. Thus water needs to be consumed at regular intervals even without feeling thirsty. Do remember that a glass of water is not the same as a glass of juice, milk or any other beverage. Water needs to be consumed in the form of plain water only. Tea and coffee do not count as water as they actually dehydrate the body.
  • Light exercise can accompany the HCG diet in order to achieve the optimal results.
  • Any kind of oil based lotions need to be avoided. Rather, baby oil or mineral oil can be used.
  • Food seasonings can be used in order to flavor foods but these should not contain sugar, starches, or fats.
  • Sugar needs to be avoided. Rather, sugar substitutes can be used such as Stevia and Saccharin.
  • In case of cravings, a glass of chilled water works best to quell those cravings.
  • It is advisable to eat food slowly. While eating food fast, the brain is not able to receive the signal that food is being consumed. By the time it does, the stomach has already consumed much more than required. Also, it is important to enjoy each morsel of food immensely.
  • Occasionally people report feeling hungry the first few days of phase 2. One way to avoid this is to double the amount of homeopathic HCG drops you take during a day. Doing this can help get rid of hunger.

No matter what HCG diet plan is chosen, the important thing is to follow it. People tend to lose motivation and hence go astray. This needs to be avoided at any cost.

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