The HCG diet has become rather popular among people who want to lose weight quickly. Thus, following is a HCG diet overview that will help people understand what HCG is and why they should use HCG drops if they are looking to quickly and effectively lose extra pounds.

The homeopathic HCG drops are derived from a natural hormone in order to burn fat and quickly suppress the appetite. The hormone that HCG diet drops are derived from naturally occurs in pregnant women. This hormone is diluted after being extracted, and HCG drops derived from it act as a weight loss aid. People also have to follow a very low calorie diet while taking these drops, which allows them to lose weight. It is claimed that a weight of around one or more pounds can be lost by an individual on the HCG diet without exercising per day.

Cells in the placenta of pregnant women secret the HCG hormone. A blood test can be conducted after around 11 days after conception in order to detect the presence of the HCG hormone in the blood. Often pregnancy is also detected using the HCG hormone that also shows up in the urine after twelve to fourteen days. The main reason behind the occurrence of this hormone in a pregnant woman’s body is to prepare the fats so that she, and her developing baby can get adequate energy. This is the reason that the HCG diet drops are so effective at helping people lose weight rapidly. Exercise is not required on this diet but you can engage in some HCG workouts if you want.

Ingesting HCG diet drops in combination with a special low-calorie diet is highly recommended. There are 3 phases involved in this diet. In order to prepare the cells for the second phase, a high-fat diet is consumed during the first phase of the HCG diet. A very low calorie stage is the next phase in this diet and during this phase, the dieters are recommended not to eat more than five hundred calories per day. During the last three days of the diet, dieters remain on the diet but stop taking the HCG drops. The calorie intake is increased to around 1200 calories a day during the last phase of the diet, and the consumption of specific sugars and starches has to be avoided for around 3 weeks.

The stubborn fat in the body is readied by the HCG diet so that it can be used up. The body begins using calories stored in the fat to continue functioning normally since people on this diet significantly reduce their caloric intake. Since the HCG diet drops are derived from a natural source, therefore, these drops are considered absolutely safe to use. Both men and women can use the HCG diet drops safely, and these drops offer equally effective weight loss results for both. Additionally, the metabolic rate is also increased by this diet, which helps the body burn unnecessary calories even after dieters have stopped following the diet.

People who want to lose weight quickly can conveniently find HCG drops online. Thus, this thorough HCG diet overview has made it apparent how effective the HCG diet is for rapid weight loss.

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