Who Are We?

We are a group of people who want to help others find the best HCG diet program and HCG drops available. We understand that it can be difficult to lose weight especially with a diet program or product that is not very effective. For that reason we have reviewed and rated the most popular HCG products.

What Is The Point Of This Site?

The goal of this site is to provide people with detailed information on each of the top HCG drops manufacturers on the market. We took a detailed look at many different companies and rated them on specific categories that are important to look at before buying a diet product. This way the consumer can have a more detailed look at what each company offers before making a purchase.

What Are The Main Factors We Rated On?

  • Overall Rating – This is the overall rating on the product and company.
  • Effectiveness – This category has to do with the effectiveness of the drops.
  • Results – Based on weight loss results customers experience.
  • Quality – Overall quality of the diet program and drops.
  • Safety – This is based on the safety of the diet program and the ingredients and formula of the HCG drops.
  • Feedback – Based on customer feedback after trying the program.
  • Reputation – This has to do with the company’s reputation, customer support and popularity.
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